Furokh Santoke
Technology and management consultant  


Allow us to assist you in using technology as a force multiplier for your business, whilst still drastically lowering technology costs. A consulting CTO/CIO who enforces effective change management through thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation.

We can help you in your business engineering effort and reduce costs drastically. We can help you manage change to realize business results.

Minimise the spend on technology and still derive all the benefits provided by the latest cutting edge technology. Get your technology infrastructure to work for you at optimal cost. Do not get immersed in the operation and maintenance of technology. We are the experts who can do it for you. Enjoy the benefits and returns of technology. Do not change your methods and procedures to suit the technology used. Your technology should work for you and not the other way around.

Contact us to help you cut technology costs and leverage the benefits of technology into your business. We understand technology and business. We will advise and implement the exact technology you need and no more. We will customise the technology to suit your business and increase it manifold.

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